What exactly is Kombucha and all this hype about? 

Kombucha is an ancient fermented tea drink originating from Asia.  It has natural fizz, naturally contains probiotics (healthy bacteria), antioxidants, vitamins and is known for for it's detoxification properties, and supports a healthy immune system.  Not to mention that it tastes great and awakens your senses to make you feel good!

There are many health claims from drinking kombucha, but simply put these benefits may vary.  Such claims include;

- Detoxification

- improved digestion

- immune system stimulation

- arthritis prevention

- cancer prevention

- cholesterol reduction

- energy enhancement

- weight loss

- enhanced athletic performance

- mood enhancement

Without full blown scientific trials it is difficult to lay claim to any of these, however why don't you trust your gut and see what you believe!  

Here at Awaken we have tried to brew the healthiest drink possible by also incorporating 

organic green tea.  We have used this due to its powerful antioxidant properties. Health claims from green tea alone include;

 -  increase the calories that you burn, 

 - reduce belly fat, 

 - improve cholesterol levels,

 - help with blood sugar control.

If that isn't enough we have also chosen fruits for the second ferment that also provide amazing support to your body, with blueberry's having the highest antioxidant of all fruit, and lemons highest form of vitamin C.

Combining all of the above we believe we have created a delicious drink packed with goodies that will nourish your insides, so give it a try!  

Nature's Probiotic

What people say - "Oh this is really yum"  - Austen aged 4

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