I'm lovingly brewed with organic sencha (green tea), organic sugar, fermented with a kombucha SCOBY, and infused with spray free whole lemons and fresh mint. The whole lemons are used for enhanced flavour and additional health benefits. Given time I prosper into a tantilising refreshing low sugar drink. I am live, raw, and rich in probiotics. We have chosen a tea that we believe provides many other health benefits than what the fermentation process can do itself, published researched has included such things as very high antioxidant properties - lowers blood pressure and colestrial - can help focus the mind.


I'm for pick up only.


We encourage consumers to recycle where possible and will pay a 20c bottle return.






Lemon Mint - Brewed with Green Tea Kombucha (750 mls)


    Nature's Probiotic

    What people say - "Oh this is really yum"  - Austen aged 4

    Contact details: Awaken Kombucha, 16 Fisher Place, Timaru, New Zealand

    Phone: 021 473355 email: info@awakenkombucha.co.nz