Lovingly brewed with organic Sencha  tea (dark green), organic sugar, a kombucha SCOBY, and second fermented with spray free blueberries and given time prospers into a delightful smooth fizzy drink. The blueberries combined with the vibrant tea provide a great everyday refreshing drink.


FYI I have run out of labels so this one comes naked with a 50c discount.


Blueberries are known for to be a great antioxidant and beneficial for those with high colestral. 


Pick up only.


We encourage recycling of the bottles and will pay 20c for any returns.

Blueberry (750 mls)


    Nature's Probiotic

    What people say - "Oh this is really yum"  - Austen aged 4

    Contact details: Awaken Kombucha, 16 Fisher Place, Timaru, New Zealand

    Phone: 021 473355 email: info@awakenkombucha.co.nz