Our Story

We have been on a quest to find a natural way to deal with on going health problems including digestive issues and eczema.  Following the birth of our eldest son who had bad eczema and allergies our quest intensified.  We were given advice in the form of fermentation, the art of traditional cooking, and the principles of Western A. Price.  We were given a Kombucha SCOBY, which we nervously started cultivating and have never looked back since. 

Through the use of Kombucha and other fermented foods our child’s allergies disappeared and eczema is now very minor, while I myself now have no food intolerances or digestive issues.  The Kombucha has helped to heal us from the inside out.   Our whole household enjoys drinking the refreshing probiotic rich drink. The kids are the biggest critics!


We have been experimenting with many fabulous teas from around the world to give the Kombucha that perfect balance, and we love to try different fruits in the second ferment to give it that added vibrancy.  We will have more exciting flavours out soon. 

Nature's Probiotic

What people say - "Oh this is really yum"  - Austen aged 4

Contact details: Awaken Kombucha, 16 Fisher Place, Timaru, New Zealand

Phone: 021 473355 email: info@awakenkombucha.co.nz