Our Process

How is Kombucha Made?.

Our Kombucha is made with organic green tea, organic sugar and a Symbiotic 'Colony' of Bacteria and Yeast also known as a 'SCOBY'.  The SCOBY is like a mushroom that grows on top of the beverage. The sugar is used to feed the SCOBY and not to sweeten the drink.  The SCOBY eats all the sugar up and at the end of fermentation only trace amounts are found.  We have sourced high quality authentic organic tea, that has many health benefits in its own right. Here at Awaken Kombucha we are big on maximising the health benefits for you to reap the rewards and enjoy.

We brew the ingredients in wine barrels for maximum health of the SCOBY (no plastics are used here). Once the SCOBY has eaten most of the sugar we then bottle, or put into a second ferment where we flavour with real fruit and herbs.  No additives or preservatives are added in this drink!

Nature's Probiotic

What people say - "Oh this is really yum"  - Austen aged 4

Contact details: Awaken Kombucha, 16 Fisher Place, Timaru, New Zealand

Phone: 021 473355 email: info@awakenkombucha.co.nz